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Hire top visa and immigration experts to become a resident of Spain!

ExpertLlama is an exclusive network of top visa, tax and immigration experts to help make your move hassle-free 

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Why customers trust  Expert Llama

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  One time fixed fee

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 Say good bye to paperwork

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  Avoid legal complexity

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  One-stop solution

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  Tax Consultation

Hear what our customers say  💥💥

❝"Moving countries is hard, especially when you're moving along with your family! The immigration expert was super patient while I was explaining our situation, my family's needs and provided a number of ways in which they could handle the immigration smoothly. They walked us through the entire process, handled everything like a pro and made the process of moving countries, dealing with mountains of paperwork extremely easy. Thank you ExpertLlama team! ❞

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Aaron Marcus


❝Tried doing all the stuff myself by researching online but it took a lot of time and effort. Reached out to Expert Llama and set up a call. Got all my questions answered from taxes to housing. Amazing service. Worth every penny! ❞

Patricia Todd


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❝Such a quick and simple process. I used to have a lot of questions on my personal situation as I was moving with my family.The team treated my case like it was the most important thing they ever had, and showed amazing commitment that made this the best legal experience I have ever had. I give them my highest recommendation, and urge anyone looking for immigration services to work with them. ❞

Nichole Chang


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 ❝ No false promises. They don't waste your time. I have personally recommended their service to my fellow connects.  ❞

Sneha Joshi


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How it works



Book a consult

Tell us your requirements and we’ll put you in touch with a verified tax, immigration and travel expert in Spain



Plan your move 

Work with your immigration expert directly to plan and strategize your move to Spain!




The last and most exciting part of all - the actual move!

How it works
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Moving to Spain now made easy

Expert Llama is a simple, easy-to-use service that helps you hire and consult with tax and legal experts in Spain before you plan your big move. Moving to a new country is incredibly challenging and exciting. We want to remove the complexity and the time spent in tonnes of paperwork by connecting you with an expert who can take care of the process for you.

Right now, Expert Llama is open to people from all over the world. If you are thinking about immigrating to Spain, then book a consultation!

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We're here to help you move to Spain

Our fair price guarantee means no commitments or hidden fees. 

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Consultation call  

$200 $99  

✔️ One-hour video call with our immigration and tax advisor
✔️ Personal situation analysis
✔️ Best Visa type recommendations for you 
✔️ Question & answer session
✔️ Expert will explain you the whole process
✔️ Payment is non-refundable for the onboarding call once completed


Sit back, relax and dream about your move to Spain! We will take care of the rest. 

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