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Terms & Conditions

 *Statements on this website are subject to certain conditions, subject to change, may be outdated when applying, may not apply to your personal situation and may be limited in timespan, and are not legally or fiscally binding.Pricing may vary based on your personal situation. Only an immigration advisor can advise you, namely during the Expert Llama onboarding call, on the specific up-to-date benefits of Spain residency for your unique personal situation. Due to the nature of the work, fees you pay are non-refundable except for the onboarding call fee if it is not executed yet. You can self-refund in your client dashboard.


The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. Expert Llama is NOT a legal provider or accountant and does NOT offer legal or tax services but ONLY acts as a referrer to immigration and tax advisors.


GDPR purposes of data collection and storage:

1) we ask your email and phone to contact you;

2) we ask legal name, date of birth, gender, nationaltiy, residence and location to apply for residency with the Portuguese government;

3) we ask your job, type of income and source of income to analyze and advice you on your legal and fiscal situation when moving to Spain;

4) we ask if you want to include family to provide extra services for them;

5) we store your data securely for the purpose of providing you with the product/service of immigrating to Portugal

6) we use data to analyze who is a customer of Expert Llama and to know which demographic to target


By using Expert Llama and/or using any third-parties we refer you to, you agree to these terms of service.


By submitting information on this website, you agree that this information will be shared with Expert Llama and third-parties for the purpose of providing you with the product and/or service you requested.

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