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About Us

We help you move to Spain with zero worries about the Visa, Immigration and Taxation

Expert Llama was founded in 2021  to help people move countries without going through the hassle of the Visa process themselves.  We’re on a mission to make moving to a new country easy and affordable. Expert Llama is an Easy to use platform for anyone to hire Visa and Immigration experts for becoming legal and fiscal residents in countries that want to attract more workers. By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Expert Llama helps remove the friction of moving residency. 















We have ourselves moved to a different country and we know first-hand how complex is the process from the point of application to the interviews. On top of that, you got to plan your finances, taxes and several other day to day nitty-gritties in a new country.  

We wanted to make this simple and easy for anyone to move to a different country. We created Expert Llama to help individuals move without any hassle. All you got to do is send across the details that we need and our Immigration Lawyers will take care of all that is required from their end. You can rest easy and we will keep you in the loop on the next steps till you get your visa stamped. 


Sit back, relax and dream about your move to Spain! We will take care of the rest. 

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